Lykkå Village is a ‘build your own community’ made easy. We bring nearby people together who seek family-like connection & home-sharing opportunities. We are now in part of Montreal, soon expanding throughout the city and then beyond.

Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you! Stay tuned for the launch of the Lykkå Village platform and mobile app.

“There’s no way to measure your peace of mind when you have reliable family-like support close by.”

– Lykkå Village

Lykkå is a weaving together of two Danish words, ‘Lykke’ and ‘å’. ‘Lykke’ means ‘happiness’ and ‘å’ means ‘stream’, a beautiful Danish proverb for what we’re trying to accomplish together:

“Many small streams create a big river”

Are you…

  • a single parent?
  • new in town?
  • going through a transition in life?
  • recently separated or divorced?
  • struggling with your health or finances?
  • stretched to the limit with little family or community around?


  • know more about the Lykkå Village platform?
  • join the Montreal Lykkå Village FB group?
  • start a Lykkå Village in your neighbourhood once our platform is launched?
  • collaborate or partner with us?
  • donate or invest in Lykkå Village?

A Lykkå Village nature camp and community building

We believe

The pandemic showed us how thin the ice is that we families are skating on. . . especially for single parents, the majority of which are single mothers. Through community, we can change our lives, instil hope, and grow the resilience and knowledge needed to create a more sustainable future.

We offer

A variety of opportunities that take the guesswork out of community building, providing a safe and inclusive space for emotional and practical support, a local map of Lykkå Village families, events and playdates, ask & give sessions, family group counselling, matching with buddy-families, and home-sharing situations.

The result

We finally feel like we can take care of ourselves, find the time we need to “do it all”, be the kind of parents we truly are, be present with our partner, older parents and friends, do the chores, and make proper meals. Life’s better when we extend our nuclear family.

Local maps with your neighbourhood Lykkå Village families, activities, and co-living opportunities

Dear parents,

Let’s get real here… our current way of living and the nuclear family model is kinda killing us. There’s so much loneliness, stress and depression, not to mention an affordable housing crisis. Things have got to change, starting with breaking down the myth of independence.

Who’s there for you when you need a playdate for your kids, a moment to answer an important call or email, or just a little moment to breathe? Who’s there for you in times of crisis? Who gives you peace of mind while you keep yourself and the family running?

Lykkå Village is all about building your own ‘extended family’. We take the “scary” out of finding your local community. This is for families who are looking for a village of support and home-sharing. We facilitate building the real-world community you need.

You’ll meet like-minded neighbourhood families who are in the same boat as you, with which you can organize family activities, share skills and resources, or even find home-sharing solutions together.

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Hi, we are Trine and Jean-Michel, the parents behind Lykkå Village, a community-building and home-sharing startup wishing to effect social justice and innovation… one neighbourhood at a time.

Lykkå Village was born out of our own personal living situation. We are parents to a little girl, with no extended family. We realized very quickly that we could not get the support we needed if we were ashamed to ask for help… which of course, at first we were. We had to develop the superpower of creating a trusted community around our little family, and fast! So how did we do that?

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As a person who grew up in Africa (I’m mixed race, my father is from Burkina Faso and my mother is Québécois), I do know the value and importance of the so-called village…as they say ‘it takes a village….’ right? I looooong for creating ‘our’ village, as tiny as it might be due to the Covid reality… I am so happy to be connecting and being part of THIS!

- Sarah, Lykkå Village parent

Positive social interaction with people outside of my household. It’s that simple. And these are not just positive, they’re meaningful, and judgement free. Knowing that the great people I interact with here are all part of my immediate neighbourhood, thinking that you may be the parents I pass by on the street and see at the playground… It humanizes my city experience and helps me deal with stress by making me feel like I am surrounded by people I trust.

- Chloe, Lykkå Village parent

In this crazy world, now more than ever -but NOT only because of a pandemic!- we are longing (for those that once had it) and craving to have, to form a community where we can count on each other, trust our neighbours, share our happiness and sadness -and everything in between-.

- Ana, Lykkå Village parent

“Covid showed us that women do the bulk of the care work, still, and they were forced to leave paid employment at an exponentially higher rate than men. That fact necessitates a robust and lasting infrastructure of mutual support, for the sake of mental health, labour force participation and reintegration (therefore economic productivity), and community resilience.”

- Jenny, Lykkå Village parent

“We village is unity, connectivity, co-loving and co-living which in times like Covid are an essential service.”

- Lynne, Lykkå Village parent

“This creation is amazing and so innovative and visionary. It’s a vibrant and necessary place where families are nourished, renewed and inspired. Where a family comes to have their oxygen mask replenished which results in much more oxygen for so many others.”

- Julie, Lykkå Village parent

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