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your own community
your own way

Form personal communities where people support each other throughout their daily lives - each according to their specific needs and abilities


Meet like-minded families

Connect with members of your local community based on shared interests, values, and needs


Ask and give practical support

Share skills, resources, and advice, find help with chores and meals, give yourself time for self care


Find homesharing solutions

Save money on rent and find day-to-day support by sharing a living space with trusted families from Lykkå’s community

a vision for a sustainable future

Today, Lykkå is a community of over 150 families in Montréal, born out of an immediate need for families - mainly single mothers - to support each other during the pandemic.

Tomorrow, Lykkå will be its own online platform where families can form communities wherever they are in the world.

Families will be supported by Lykkå’s tools and resources for community-building and homesharing.

why families trust Lykkå

Made by parents, for parents

We personally know the challenges of family alongside the hustle and bustle of work and big city living. It’s our mission to organize burnout, lonliness, and class inequality into thriving community spirit

Always free to use

Connect with families, find practical support, and search for homesharing solutations at no cost. Contribute a donation if you wish to support Lykkå or one of its members.

Safe and secure

Feel peace of mind knowing you’re part of a local community of verified families. Take full control of your privacy by always being able to choose what information is available to who.

hear what they have to say

join Lykkå today and find the trusted connections, support, and homesharing you need to live your life to the fullest